Thank you to everyone who responded to our reader poll from last month on Facebook! And congratulations to the reader who was drawn for the prize pack!

We asked what you thought the most important things were in selecting a great builder. One of our favorite responses was from a past client:  “Being honest, hard working, attention to detail, funny, easy to talk to and excellent building skills! A great build experience I think should be creative, fun, organised and stress free! All skills that Bosanac Builders have!! We love our home!”

We aim for everyone to have this experience when it comes to building your home.

Here are the top 3 things you said you wanted from your great builder:

  • Honest Communication
  • Keeping to the Budget & Timeline
  • Excellent Workmanship

We agree! We would add ‘Being an LBP’ to that list – a Licensed Building Practitioner. This endorsement is a requirement for all structural or weather tightness work. It means your builder is up-to-date with their skills, knowledge of construction laws and regulations as well as health & safety. LBP’s must personally guarantee their workmanship for 10 years.

But how do you know your builder is as good as they appear?

Having a good rapport with your builder is really important, but you want to be sure that their work ethics match your expectations too.

The best indicator of future performance is past performance, so ask your builder for a few references from their past clients. Ask the clients questions about the four points above, and anything else about their experience with the builder that you would want to know. And, if you ask the builder for a few of their past builds that you can visit, you will see with your own eyes the quality of their workmanship.

We often find our clients are looking at 2 or 3 different builders when they come to us. It’s a great way to get a well-rounded view of what it’s going to take for your project to become a reality.

We want to hear what you think the most important things are when you are comparing your builders’ quotes.

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