This is apparently ‘the most wonderful time of the year’…but it is also the busiest, craziest, full-of-it-all times too…. So by the time you get around to read this article, my hope is that you are lounging poolside with an ice cold drink, reading up on what’s going on in Franklin.

Fortunately the panicked rush of Pre-Christmas is proceeded by the Calm and Bright sung of in Carols. We celebrate the birth of a Carpenter, and receive gifts delivered by a Tinkerer/Trucker (well, sleigh-driver). The tradie tradition has continued through the years and gown into one of our countries most booming industries right now and we work to bring homes for families moving into our region and the infrastructure to support them.

It is easy to get lost in the hubbub of the season. But as we make time to slow down (briefly for some of us), we reflect, revise, rehash and re-focus. We make our plans for the coming year, what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it.

For Nick Bosanac Builders 2017 has been huge. It has been the best and the hardest year yet. We celebrated 10 years in business, participated in our first and second ever expo’s, renovated and moved into a lovely office in Pukekohe, grown our team and felt all the growing pains of transforming the business into a better version of itself (an ongoing venture with the customary set backs here and there), we’ve been named build partners at Paerata Rise and undertaken some beautiful home building projects!

This coming year we celebrate our first child starting intermediate, the construction of our first showhome, our first time running a project using an app system to assist us, more amazing homes to be built and who knows what else will be in store! We are so excited to share this journey with you!

So, from the carpenters of Nick Bosanac Builders may we thank our tradies & clients, suppliers and supporters. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support. Without your trust in us, we simply could not do what we do. We are honored to know and serve you. We encourage you to find some Calm time to reflect on who has touched your life this year and share that Bright gratitude with them too this Christmas Season.

Merry Christmas! And may your days be filled with Merriment and Brightness

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