Residential Design and Build


For a beautiful replica villa set in the rolling pastures of the surrounding countryside, any old extension simply wouldn’t do.

The home itself was built in the 21st century, but the design & styling are pulled from the Client’s love for turn-of-the-previous-century’s villa trends.

Wanting to keep that theming consistent, the project was designed to seamlessly fit in with the home & detached apartment building. To meet the growing needs of the family, a garage extension with loft storage & revision to the adjoining apartment was needed.

Photographer: NBB

Stylist: N/A


– 50m2 Addition

– Verandah Porch with covered Firewood Storage Area

– Angled Dormer Windows to Apartment to allow natural light past the new roofline

– Finials & Ornamental Eaves to match the garage

– Loft storage created inside attic trusses


“We had Nick and the team add a garage onto our existing apartment and complete some revisions to the existing building. Our home is built in a replica villa style, so we knew we needed someone who could handle the complexity and skill required to match in to it.

Nick and his team were awesome, clean, tidy, personable and completed the job to a high standard. Most people that see it think it was there all along.

On budget, on time.”