Don’t stop reading! And don’t roll your eyes!

I know no one likes this topic, so I’m going to make this as pain free as possible!

Over the last few years a lot has been done to ensure our homes are being built by the right people, who use the right materials and follow the right practices to ensure you get a quality home that will stand the test of time.  However, there are still cowboys and short cut takers out there. Safety measures on the jobsite are an added expense and involve more paper work – which tradies LOVE! – Not. But we each deserve to go home at the end of the day, unharmed.

MBIE issued a Prescribed Checklist to guide you when arranging your build and hiring a builder, however if you want to know that they follow sound H&S practices, you will have to dig deeper.

When checking your builder’s references, ask not only about their workmanship and experience, but also about H&S on site. Check for affiliations with safety organizations such as Site Safe or Hazard Co. Check your quote to see what H&S measures have been allowed for and when you visit an active building site with your Builder on you should look for:

  • A visible hazard board – it should be reviewed daily and updated as needed
  • Your builder should give you a quick safety run down (induction) before entering the site and escort you or other visitors around the active building site
  • Workers are wearing High Visibility Shirts & Steel Cap Safety Boots
  • Safety Fencing – on all residential sites or where there is a high chance members of the public wandering onto the site
  • Scaffolding – required from the time wall frames go up until the exterior is fully clad, painted and finished
  • Safety Nets – required from the time walls are framed until the roof is completed
  • Ladders –used in a limited capacity, staying off top two rungs
  • Site loo
  • Rubbish Skip
  • Safety Conscious attitudes

At the heart of it all is responsibility and common sense. The company you sign your build contract with has the primary responsibility for safety on site. The buck stops with them to ensure the measures are in place, and their teams are competent and confident enough to ensure that common sense prevails. But for your piece of mind, as the client, to know that EVERY aspect of your build is in great hands, is as priceless as life itself.

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