This time of year is a time of preparation – we get our selves, gardens, crops and animals ready for the winter. As you do this please remember to think of your home too!

Cavemen lived in damp caves and kings lived in drafty castles. These days, a few small changes mean you don’t have to put up with either issue.

There are a raft of solutions that can make a huge difference to how your home performs this winter and in turn your family’s health.

There are the obvious choices that will have your favourite tradies back over for a cuppa in no time! For example, adding or increasing the insulation in your home, double-glazing your windows as well as heating & ventilating systems. There are some great subsidies out there too if you are retrofitting any of these items. If you are building, have a chat with the pro’s about how you can up-spec your homes’ thermal performance.

But here are some easy ideas not to be overlooked too:

  1. Curtains:  Pretty obvious, but pretty crucial. They don’t need to be the same throughout the house – so you can bargain hunt like crazy and brighten each room one at a time. Close them before it gets dark to trap the warmth of the lovely afternoon sun.
  2. Window Vac or Squeegee: Damp windows won’t let warmth in your home. Dry them off in the mornings. This will maximize heat your home will glean from the sun that day.
  3. Draught Stoppers: These are quick and easy to make from repurposed material, or if you lack the inclination, easy to find at the hardware store.
  4. Get Cozy: block off the areas you aren’t using so you can concentrate your heating efforts to a smaller area. Keep a plush throw rug handy too!
  5. Crock pot dinners: Sounds silly but it is not only the best smell to come home to, but the low heat all day always makes a difference to the warmth in the home.

If you would like more ideas on how you can make a big difference in your home this winter, visit us in our showroom at 151 King Street, Pukekohe or give us a call on 09 236 8413.