We were daring enough to have a stand at the Auckland South Home Show in June as a bit of promotion for what we are up to at Paerata Rise.

The developers of this new town are really big on the notion of community and building on the already strong sense of belonging that exists in Franklin.

Being Frankin-ites ourselves, we thought we had a good understanding of why we’re all so loyal. But as an experiment, we had our visitors tell us the one thing they thought made a community great. The results were heartwarming.

Here’s what was said:

35% Good Neighbours

20% Friends in the area

20% Good for Kids – parks, play areas, other kids

15% Backyard BBQ’s

5% Close to Nature

5% Easy to Commute

What I love about this is that is all revolves around connection and belonging.  We all want to feel like we have a place, like we are valued and like we have something to contribute. It shows people genuinely want care about each other. It shows people want to enjoy their surroundings. People want to love where they live!

We are really fortunate that in Franklin, we are abundant in all these areas, the addition of Paerata Rise to the community will be no exception – just check out their vision plans!

Here, we have a general sense of wanting to have, and be good neighbours and friends. We want to live, work and play close to home, and there is PLENTY to do!

Did you know we have 5 waterfalls in Franklin? Or the amazing playground on John Street also has fruit trees? We have great café’s, restaurants and bakeries. We’re home to horse studs, sales and races, motor sports, haunted attractions, a variety of festivals, markets, shopping, movies, sand dunes, beaches, hills and bushlands. We have strong agricultural and horticultural roots, so its nothing to be 5 minutes late for work because you were stuck behind a tractor! We’re hard workers who supply over 22,000 jobs – not bad considering we only have around 23,500 households!

For those who do travel further afield for work, there’s a solid multi-pronged approach on its way to ease the pressure, which includes more rail stops, busses and car lanes too.

We’ve created a beautiful future for ourselves, right here, at home with all the things that matter most. We already have what all the visitors to our stand told us they wanted in a community. Go Franklin!