Last month we discussed problem areas of your home and options for remedying them, even if it’s just making the most of you current situation.

And while I didn’t get to create my dream kitchen, it felt great reorganizing the cupboards and getting rid of junk! That good feeling spread and I got a bit carried away…even rearranged the office into a craft room! Hubby doesn’t need an office, right?!?

These were simple fix ups that only took time and a rubbish sack.

But when it comes to bigger projects, it pays to know what you can and can’t do yourself!

Ask, will you:

* Need an architect?

* Be changing/adding to the structure of your home or compromising weathertightness?

* Need to alter/add any plumbing or electrical work?

If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s considered Restricted Building Work. This means it needs to be designed and carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) or other relevant qualified tradesperson. Also, it will most likely require council input. Before you DIY it pays to consider your time, and the impact on your partner and family if you undertook any of the work yourself. Weigh-up the task vs. the potential cost of disaster, should you get it wrong. Remember it’s better to prepare and prevent, than repair and repent!

For example: Painting the exterior of your home. You can’t jump on a ladder or makeshift plank system anymore – unless you’d like Worksafe showing up! You need to use proper scaffolding. Plus the surfaces can be fiddly, timely and costly to prepare, and paint and get it right! Best to use a Pro. In contrast to this, when you are painting a room inside your home, the potential for disaster is not nearly as great! Go for it!

DIY Try: Demolish kitchen/bathroomware, paint interior, install tiling or laminate flooring (not for the faint hearted), remove/reinstall wallpaper, select products, install curtains etc.

If you do get it wrong, don’t be afraid to ask a Pro – sooner rather than later! We won’t laugh at you, we might laugh with you though…!

Don’t DIY: Additions, remodels, cladding, roofing, foundations, insulating, carpet, exterior paint, plastering, health & safety measures etc.

If you just aren’t sure where to start, drop us a line or pop in for a visit! We have a wide range of resources to help you get it right. Pop down to our new showroom / office 31a Rangi Road, Takanini Monday – Friday 9am-2:30pm or by arrangement.

Next Month: Health & Safety – Why all the fuss and how does it apply to your build? Follow us on Facebook to see more!

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