Can I just say that I LOVE our new office…? I didn’t so much to start with, but I do now. As I sit at my desk typing this article I look around and reflect on all the work we put into it and how it’s CHANGED in here!

A fabulous weatherboard feature wall has been constructed by the entry, complete with window, cedar shingle eyebrow and planter box; the once pokey back office has now been opened up into a bright cheery display area, thanks to a partial wall removal; the dark green and peach tones are now gone from the walls; and we finally have our signage up!

Oh, how I am thankful to work with such a handy bunch of guys! If it weren’t for their skill and knowledge, our reno could have resembled a TV reality series style disaster!

As Kiwis we like to think that DIY is what we do best… but gone are the days where we can take a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. Building regulations might seem like unnecessary red tape, or like they are wrecking our Kiwi ingenuity, however, they way we live is much different from even a century ago. Our lives and our homes are becoming increasingly complicated in their design, structure, materials and technology – all in the name of progressively better living conditions.

These regulations are in place to protect you, your family and your community as well as aiming to halt any of the unsavoury building practices that have marred the reputation of the building industry as a whole.

When it comes to our homes (and offices!), there are some things that we just need to trust to the professionals.

Here are a few hints for defining when to call in the pros:

Don’t DIY: Additions, remodels, cladding, roofing, foundations, insulating, carpet, plastering, plumbing & electrical work, health & safety measures etc. Definitely call the pro’s.

DIY Try: Demolish kitchen/bathroomware, paint an interior wall, install tiling or laminate flooring (not for the faint hearted), remove/reinstall wallpaper, select products, install curtains etc. Have a go! There are lots of great tutorials and tips online to guide you!

Remember, if you do DIY and you get it wrong, don’t be afraid to ask a Pro to help – sooner rather than later! We won’t laugh at you, we might laugh with you though…!

If you just aren’t sure about where to go on your next project, drop us a line or pop in for a visit! We have a wide range of resources to help you get it right. | 027 458 3038 | 151 King Street, Pukekohe