On the wall beside my desk is a collection of quotes motivating me to be a better version of myself. Some stay for years while others change to meet needed inspiration or if I chance upon some genius-level wisdom. But my long-time favorites include “You can’t fix Stupid.” and “If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.”  For me, these 2 quotes go hand in hand. Let me explain:

Stupid adjective [stju-pid/stoo-pid]

Unwise, showing poor judgment or little intelligence

While people aren’t inherently stupid, they sometimes they behave stupidly if they refuse to learn or understand, make rash decisions or won’t comprehend the ramifications of their choices. According to the quote on my wall, you cannot fix that kind of Stupid and it often results in frustration, unrealized assumptions or expectation and disappointing results.

However, I’m not sure my quote is 100% right, your see part of our role is to educate clients…that’s where the quote about preparation comes in to the picture.

Prepare verb [pri-pair]

To make ready for use.

We find that the more our clients understand and get clear about processes, products, choices and expectations, the smoother things go and lower the stress levels are during the build. This leads to happier clients and overall better results! So our advice is: Make time to plan each element of your build properly, and get to know how your tradies will make the magic happen at your place!

The planning stages of your build are so important that the MBIE and others have put together wonderful resources to help you get ‘un-stupid’ about building!

Firstly, MBIE created a whole website dedicated to educating homeowners about planning a successful build. Check out www.building.govt.nz/ there is also a booklet available from council with all this information in it!

Secondly, as a builder, prior to giving you any quote, we are required to give you a copy of the MBIE prescribed checklist to work through in preparation for your build.

Thirdly, Nick & I are passionate about ensuring everyone has a good build experience, so we created a build guide that is full of useful information, handy hints and worksheets to help you are you plan and prepare for your build! Just download it from our website https://www.bosanacbuilders.co.nz/

And lastly, remember, we are always here to help with answering your questions or be a sounding board for your ideas and plans to build yourself a piece of kiwi paradise!