I love that before the happily-ever-afters in folktales there is always something that needs to be conquered, renewed or transformed. In the stories this is expressed as both a physically challenging circumstance as well as some adjustment to the protagonist’s state of consciousness.

You know, when we look around at how we live our lives, interact with others and with our surroundings, this transformational response to physical and perceptual demands is evident too. Just look at housing styles!

In NZ we have 2 distinctive trends prevalent in our history: Villas & Bungalows – One a reflection of our parochial English heritage and the other, inspired by the emergent culture of the New World.

Turn of the century villas were ornamented with angular bay windows, finials, decorative fretwork and railing. Their exterior charm was echoed throughout the interior, by ornate high ceilings, polished native floors and large fancy trim. While Villas were the epitome of decorum, homes were dark and compartmentalised – a little like the outlook on life in that era. Pretty and poised, structured and disciplined.

Brighter and Breezier than the English Styled Villas, Bungalows developed in the 1920’s – 40’s in response to the growing influence of a more laid-back American culture in New Zealand.

Lower slung rooflines extended over large verandahs. Wide windows and doors emphasised growing connections between indoor and outdoor living. We do after-all live in Godzone and who wouldn’t want to make the most of that!? Window awnings appear, sheltering the interior from the sun’s glare, without interfering in the flow of light. Mixed cladding styles added un-fussy textural elements while the interiors simplified to include smooth and splayed trims. They included the beginnings of modern innovations we now take for granted including built in storage, fitted kitchens and open plan living. These homes represent an era of rapid transformation as the world raced from industrialism into the modernist era; from regimentation, pomp and circumstance to a more fluid lifestyle, characterised by freed thoughts, ideas and a loosening of the reins at work and at home.

So whether you are a modernist or a traditionalist at heart, we’d love to work with you on your transformational home goals, so drop by our website www.heritagehomes.nz or pop in and see for yourself at our classical twist showhome in Paerata Rise.

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