Thank you so much to everyone who visited us at the Franklin Home & Lifestyle Expo! We really had a great time, sharing what we do and talking with so many of you about your dreams and aspirations for your current or future homes.

We were visited by people at all stages of the process – from just a dream, right through to already living in to their new home and thinking about what they would do differently next time. Everyone was friendly and inquisitive.

We were often asked, “How much does it cost?” And I am sure that this is something you would check too before making one of the biggest investments of your life!

But you should know that this is a loaded question, and there is no simple answer. We find that the better question to ask is: “What is included in the cost?”

Everyone is interested in the price being right, but what about value for money?

You definitely need to know the answer to this question!

When you are looking at or comparing quotes, you want to ensure you know:

  • What is and isn’t included in the price
  • What is a fixed price and is a P.C. Sum or Allowance
  • The sums that aren’t fixed will be sufficient to cover your expectation of the quantity, quality and finish you want of those items
  • The Health & Safety measures are allowed for
  • It defines their responsibilities and yours.

Our suggestion is, that if anything you have discussed is not stated on your quote, ask the builder to confirm in writing that it’s included.

It’s also important to check the quote for not so obvious aspects, like: planning costs, council, landscaping, letterboxes & pathways. Check what insurances are carried, any additional guarantees they offer or if they are affiliated with a building association as these may affect your decision about which contractor to select.

Most banks ask for FIXED PRICE contracts before lending, so it’s really important to identify which is which. This will help you and your builder match expectation with budget, and get your selections correct from the start so your get your home, just the way you wanted it.

Just remember, when comparing quotes, if you can’t see apples for apples – ask them to alter how they have presented their quote so you can see which is offering you the most value.

If you would like to talk about how we can help you and your family to build your beautiful future, get in touch with us today! | 027 458 3038 or come visit us at our Office – 31a Rangi Road Takanini