My Dad always uses similes, or parables if you like, to make complex principles simple. I apparently inherited this trait…

So let me share one with you…I love the old line ‘it takes a village to raise a child’.

I love it not just for its face value, but also it’s wider meaning, and other applications it can relate to.

For ‘The Village’ to raise this child, we accept that it existed and functioned as a village before the child was born, and will do so on an ongoing basis with this, and other children. We also accept that ‘The Village’ is a group of people in close physical proximity working together for something bigger than just themselves and in doing so, becoming closer in social/emotional proximity too.  This ‘Village’ embodies a spirit of community, care and service; they utilize the varied strengths of individuals within the group to help everyone get a leg up.

Amazing right? This simple little phrase is really a complex notion I think, we here in Franklin strive for. A notion we seek when we move somewhere new, or embark on a new journey. We build a team around us to help us get our leg up too!

So now, let’s relate this ‘Village’ principle back to building homes… Like raising kids, this process isn’t always easy, straightforward or fun! But when you have the ‘Village’ around you, life suddenly gets much simpler and more enjoyable!

Here are some key Villagers you are going to want and why you want them:

  • Builder/ Project Manager – find someone who gets you and sees your vision as their vision too
  • Architect – same goes – beautiful homes start with a beautiful interpretation of your vision
  • Council /Planner – don’t roll your eyes – they are on your side! It will put your mind at ease knowing what to expect.
  • Mortgage Broker (also a good time to find a great insurance broker): They will negotiate the best deal for your situation and they are free to use! Why wouldn’t you?
  • Colour Consultant – they’ll help you achieve the unified look you both want without a war over brick samples
  • Friends & Family – They will have oodles things to say about what they would do differently if they were to build again, plus they will be there to wipe your tears away when your spouse says you can’t have the fur wall you have always dreamed of.

Part of our comprehensive service at Nick Bosanac builders is to help you build your home as well as your Village. Our Villagers to help you achieve this.

We’d love to be your Villager, so drop us a line or pop in for a visit! | 027 458 3038 | 151 King Street, Pukekohe