We spent some time in the US last month visiting family in a quiet lake town (now that the teenage version of Nick Bosanac no longer lives there!). Homes are beautiful but not ostentatious, people are friendly and it’s commonplace to see deer grazing on the lawn.

Two things stood out to me on our trip that made me more appreciative of this place we call home, Franklin.

Firstly, up there, the effects of the recession are still very evident – empty streets with empty homes and businesses that have just shut the door, walked away and never returned.

We are so blessed. Here, we may be experiencing a housing shortage, but it means that people WANT to be here. It means there is opportunity and room for growth!

Franklin especially is growing rapidly both in residential housing and commercial businesses. It is strengthening our physical community and our sense of community as it creates opportunities for work and leisure, right here in our back yard.

Secondly, we bumped into Nick’s old high school principal. While not a ‘trouble maker’, Nick was ‘restless’ at school, until the Principal enrolled him early in an apprenticeship program. Happy (and a little shocked) to see each other, they shook hands and his principal confided that sitting in classrooms was never for him either.

I reflected on this and how far Nick & the business have come. I thought of our past and present apprentices too, who are all from different backgrounds, but have found their passion in construction. We arrived home from our trip just in time to attend another Apprentice of the Year awards with our team. We have had one someone in the finals each time they have entered!

Impressively, each year, including this one, over half the finalists represented have been from Franklin. So stand tall knowing that this rising generation of local builders will be fantastic.

You see, I think we have something really special here. It’s our local people, supporting local businesses, sports, teams and events and that keeps us all growing! So thanks to you for you part in making Franklin a great place to work and live!

If you need any more reasons to move here or want to talk about your build goals, drop us a line or pop in for a visit! We have a wide range of resources to help you get it right. Pop down to our new showroom / office 31a Rangi Road, Takanini Monday – Friday 9am-2:30pm or by arrangement. xx

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