As the new year rolls in, we think about our goals for the coming 12 months. We sit with our diaries open on the first page and our shiny pack of Staedtler finetip pens that we bought hoping that adult colouring-in would be amazingly centrering only to find that it’s just unfulfillingly time consuming! (…wait, was that just me?!?). Anyway, we sit, ready to write our plans for self-improvement and achievement.

For some, we regurgitate idle splutter about losing weight or spending more time with family. For others, real energy goes into ensuring we get our goals ‘just right’. But for most, if we bother to make them anything more than just a mental note, we scrawl them on the back of a grocery receipt we scrounged up quickly while we were on the treadmill because that is when the inspiration hit, and exercise was one of our mental note goals too…(oh, hold on, that was me too…)

Either way, once they are written down they are no longer dream. They are goals – actual THINGS to be done…AND the next step is the hardest – DOING them. They say a 1000 mile journey starts with a single step, but what if you don’t know WHICH step to take?

If your goal this year, or has ever been, to build a home, you will know this feeling… There are so many possible starting points! What to build, what style or where will you build. But what it will look like may depend largely on where you will build it! CONFUSING!  Often we find it’s a bit of a compromise of these things.

Fortunately, WE are here to help, wherever you choose to start. Constructing your home is a privileged part of building the future you have planned for your family. We take this responsibility to heart, offering your family a personal, professional experience, using a variety of resources to help you take step after step on your journey.

We would love to share with you our Build Guide, a downloadable booklet filled with practical information, handy hints and worksheets to help you map out your journey of building your home. Email us at and we will send you back your copy!

No pressure. No hard sell.

Just something we know you will find valuable.

From our Family, to yours, Happy New Year! And Happy Planning!