Lately I‘ve been pondering how our business fits into the marketplace and what makes us unique. This was fuelled further when I attended a business seminar last night addressing just that point. I wanted to share my take-away and my own analogy with you, because its applicable to lots of areas of life, not just building homes.

We all know that businesses exist to solve a problem…you buy a drill because you need a hole, you buy a house because you need a home. Sounds simple enough, but at this event we were challenged to think about our target market from an alternative perspective… YOUR perspective… What will YOU get from us, or your chosen provider, over and above the basic need for shelter?

The product you select needs to solve your unique issue within that sphere…

I’m hungry, so lets look at this from a food analogy. Take for example the iconic kiwi Tomato Sauce! Like building companies, there are 4 main competitor spheres in the market:

  1. The Core: Watties. It’s the sauce we all love. It appeals to the hot chip loving kiwi masses!  In home-builder terms – this is big companies with a good product that lots of people want and they have the capacity to meet a mass market
  2. The Basic:  Store Brand. It does the same job, tastes ‘kinda the same’, but costs less! These businesses thrive on price driven sales. Their product meets the need, but may not have the bells and whistles found elsewhere.
  3. The Fancy: Tuimato – Lets be honest, it’s awesome! It’s a little unique, and has a zing that makes the little extra cost worthwhile.  This group are your tailored, bespoke builders with a personalized approach.
  4. The Alternative: Ketchup. Its tomato sauce, but its not… It looks a little different, it tastes a little different, but it appeals to people who want something a little ‘extra’. These are your specialists that provide another solution, perhaps its transportable, or a character look you are after, or maybe its green!

What ever your preference of ‘sauce’, getting really clear about what you want to get out of your build as a whole will help you to decide the right partner to move your project forward. It makes the process so much smoother and stress-free when you are working with the right team! You wouldn’t buy a sledge hammer to make a hole for a picture hook. Just sayin’.

For your info, we are Tuimato – all day long J So if you are into that, bring your chips and lets talk how we can create something unique together! Visit us in our showroom at 151 King Street, Pukekohe or in the social sphere