It’s hard to believe that we are now almost a quarter of the way through the year! If you are anything like the ‘Mum’ in me, you’ll still be trying to figure out where the summer holidays went! And if you are anything like the ‘Work Me’, you’ll be head down trying to smash the goals you set for the period.

‘Work Me’ is celebrating the completion of 3 years writing this column, 4.5 years of working full time in our family business, building beautiful futures for Franklin. I’m really grateful to have been able to share little pearls of wisdom and some food for thought about our industry – one which is rarely seen from behind the trenches… I mean, the scaffolding, and from the ‘why’ perspective behind the scaffolding in the first place, as well as sometimes even just a female perspective on the trade!

The ‘Mum’ part of me endured the pain and the joy that happens when all 3 of your children start new schools… the pain in the back pocket I mean! I miss them when they are at school, but love watching them progress. As they enter the teen realm, we’re guiding, encouraging and coaching

them on as they begin to construct their lives, planning how to make their own mark on the world. We often have a giggle about how building is great! Each home comes with a set of plans to follow and figure out …. Kids on the other hand…. Far out! It’s like the clients who constantly change the plan, move walls, switch styles, has one late night on Pinterest or reads a new article and the whole scope changes! They are certainly an adventure – our favourite one!

Due to the dual roles I play, I’ll be signing off from my regular ditties and folk-tales-turned-life-lessons for a while. We’ll still be around, showing families through our beautiful Paerata Rise Show Home, promoting at the local Home & Lifestyle events, building for local families and supporting local causes – we’ll even still have the odd article here and there! So Keep in Touch!

As a gesture to remember us by let me leave you with the following principle, which we use to guide our practice: If home is where the heart is, we want to build that heart in, line upon line, nail by nail, building beautiful futures.


Kylie Bosanac