Carrying on from my fairy tale themed analogy of last months’ column let me share one of my favourite tales, Sleeping Beauty, only re-imagined for our purposes.

You know the story – stunning princess cursed to die on her birthday by a disgruntled fairy, curse mitigated by a less grumpy fairy to a hundred year slumber, until true loves kiss would awaken her.

The story plays out and all the events foretold come to pass. This story is reminiscent of another favourite of mine – older homes. They breathed life and beauty into their surroundings during a time we may have otherwise considered lackluster. They oozed with charm and character, until a curse fell upon them – just like Briar Rose, our story’s leading lady.

After their heyday these magnificent homes became Sleeping Beauties in their own right. Forced into a deep slumber, hidden by the thick thorny hedge of fashion shifts, trapped in the slumber of old technology, design and living principles, their time drew to a close. The wicked fairies of the world hissed and scorned, seeking to tear down, wall up or cover over these monuments of a bygone era.

Yet despite all of this, tokens of the past still eked through the thorny hedges. The dampened legend of their beauty was still whispering on the breeze by those who held to hope that the curse would be broken and the Beauties would be re-awakened with True Loves Kiss.

In global trends we see that this renewal has begun to filter down to most sectors of the housing market. People want something a little different, a little nostalgic, something that has elements of beauty, not just 4-wall functionality. This trend has given life once more to the art of restoration, the Kiss of Life given to Sleeping Beauty. While this takes time, patience and money, the results can be incredible!

Alternatively, companies like our sister company Heritage Homes, include in their repertoire the creation of new fairy tales – Briar Rose 2.0 – character homes in everyway, but designed from the start to meet the needs of our modern and changing world. Like all great housing companies, they have a range of standard plans to spark your enthusiasm, as well as the ability to tweak these for your own liking, or create something completely unique.

We’d love to show you what it’s all about, so drop by our website or pop in and see for yourself at our classical twist showhome in Paerata Rise.

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