I can almost hear all your exclamations of joy that winter weather is on its way out and spring is here! And I can almost hear all the exclamations of anguish about the spring cleaning too!

This season signifies renewal, freshness and change. For many of us it comes with new goals for self-improvement, for others home improvement.

If you are living in a relatively new home, it’s a good time to see what attention each area of your new home may need in order to keep your warranties valid. For those in older home, it’s a good time to check on maintenance tasks. Taking care of these things will ensure that your home not only LOOKS great for longer but also PERFORMS great too!

If you aren’t sure where to start here’s some handy hints to help you on your way:


Wash the outside of your home

Why: It keeps roof and wall claddings free from moss, lichen, spray, bugs or dirt build up which damage, rot and discolour them

Clean spouting & downpipes:

Why: Keeping them clean reduces the risk of blockages and leaks which over time can damage the interior and exterior of your home

Recoat cedar and other timber surfaces as needed

Why: Cedar is beautiful if well maintained, but needs love to stay that way

Replace Water Filters

Why: If you are on tank water, you should be replacing these regularly to ensure good water quality and pressure


Wipe all painted surfaces

Why: Keeping these spaces clean prolongs their life, plus getting up close to clean things you can spot damage, mildew or bulging quickly. These may indicate that there is a bigger problem to address! Best to sort them sooner rather than later!

Check tapware for leaks

Why: It can reduce your water consumption or damage to surrounding areas

Check window, door and appliance seals

Why: These can make a big difference to heating and cooling your home, or the running costs of appliances

Declutter cupboards and storage spaces

Why: Airflow helps your home to maintain optimal conditions. When there is too much clutter in a confined area, this is reduced and can lead to staling of fabrics and finishes. Plus it just helps you feel GOOD!

We wish you a Happy Spring Clean and a healthy home for many years to come!