This time of the year is great! Longer sunlight hours, warmer days, festive holidays approach…..

As seasons change, we see colours, sights and scents found in nature and reflect this into how we dress our selves and our homes. It sets the tone for how the season, how we feel about it and embrace the good that comes with it. Pastel tones and light floral notes remind us of the regeneration Spring brings as new babes and blossoms appear around us.

The rhythm is the same each year but the specific details change – just like fashions and trends. And they are pretty fickle too – especially when it comes to our homes. While it is important for the look and feel of your home to be contemporary, you also want to safeguard against too many short-lived fads that would be costly to update down track. So how can you be sure when you are planning your home build?

When in doubt I listen to the wise advice of Coco Chanel: Fashion Changes, Style Endures.

As you are designing your home, use these tips to build up a smart, enduring vision for your home: (surprisingly only #5 involves ‘fashion’)

  1. Start Simple – pen to paper – brainstorm, list or doodle your ideas, must haves and nice to haves – prioritize them.
  2. Future plan – what amenities will you need or need to add in the next few years to accommodate children, aging family, work and lifestyle. Now is a good time to think about how you want to change or new habits you want to bring into your new home.
  3. Showcase the best – Why did you want this site for your home? Now maximize on it! (e.g. North Facing lot – maximize by creating a design to capture all day sun and warmth)
  4. Function & Flow – How you use your home and get from one place to another – if your build this around the feature you are trying to maximize + the natural hub your family is drawn to. For lots of families, this is the kitchen.
  5. Taste over Trend – build up a picture profile of home interiors and exteriors you like. As your file grows you will begin to notice a pattern emerging towards a certain theme or style – this is where your natural tastes are – these are what will endure and you will love for years to come. Trends should be worked into your style to help keep your home looking up to date, but not overpower it. These items are often a little more ‘disposable’ such as soft furnishings, throws, cushions, art, decorative pieces etc…


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