Do you remember that magical feeling you got as a child, as Christmas drew nearer? Do you remember the carols you would sing at the top of your lungs while bouncing on the trampoline and how the delicious smell of mum’s baking wafted through the warm breeze. Do you remember the excitement that kept you awake for HOURS in anticipation of Christmas morning and waking up super early with the magic of the day continuing…?

Now that we are adults, we enjoy making the magic happen in our families.

…Although, I don’t think it feels as magical now as it did back then. There is a whole lot of behind the scenes work happening that you just don’t notice when you are a kid! In fact, it seems like many things you found MAGICAL when you were a child, seem a whole lot more like HARD WORK now that you are an adult.

I think this may be because your understanding of the process and effort it took for the resulting MAGIC to occur, was a little skewed. Sometimes, I think building a home is much the same.

So, at this festive time of year, when we celebrate the birth of a Carpenter, and we receive gifts delivered by a Tinkerer/Trucker (well, sleigh-driver), I would like you to spare a thought for our modern day tradies. The past year has been HUGE for them and their families, and with the great number of homes going up in our region, let me tell you, they have worked HARD this year to make the magic happen.

How they can take a few pieces of paper with some lines, notes and the red stamp of council approval and turn it into a beautiful home for your family to enjoy is nothing short of magic.

From the carpenters of Nick Bosanac Builders may we thank our truckers at P&I Pascoe, our merchants at Placemakers, our roofers at Nils McGee, our brickies at Colin Riddle Bricklayers, our electricians at Electrical Solutions, our plumbers from Top Notch Plumbing, our painters at TD Painting and the raft of other tradies we work with day in and day out to make the MAGIC happen. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support.

To our clients, past, present and our regular patrons, we are also thankful for you too.  Without your trust in us, we simply could not do what we do. We are honored to know and serve you.

To our readers, remember to thank your favorite tradies, and thank you for being part of our journey.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great night!