Each of the homes we build are unique and designed for specifically to reflect their tastes, needs and wants of their owners. We ensure our clients have lots of tools, resources and experts around to help them as they make the big and little choices in their home, so that it will look and feel exactly the way they envisioned it. It can be nerve wracking making all those choices, but we like to think, we help to make this a smoother process for them. And then we started planning our own home….

What happened? Secret time…. Tasting your own medicine is TERRIBLE!

There are 2 types of ways to design your home. Gut-Feel and Fastidiousness.

I Pinterested and Houzzed and Archipro’d until well past the end of the internet, for months. Nick, on the other hand, slept. I worked with our amazing colour consultant, talked to style-savvy friends, visited stores and importers and expos. Nick wasn’t that fussed. In his mind, not only was he clear on what he wanted, he knew, how to achieve it. This next experience proves it. I spent painstaking hours pouring through colour charts and wallpaper selections. There seemed to be infinite shades of white and some of them just didn’t match the wall colour I was looking at. Nick googled it and found a perfect combo on the first hit.  (if you could have seen the steam coming out of my ears!!!)

Is this sounding familiar?

I read somewhere that the 2 hardest things you will ever do as a couple is raise kids and build a home. We’re in the throws of both. Pretty sure we’ve nailed the essence of the first one, for now….and we’ll let you know about the second when we are finished!

But it either makes you or breaks you right? So give YOURSELF a break and remember the BEST medicines. Laughter and love. When the decision making gets tough, find ways to make it fun, and remember you are doing it all for love.

Neither Gut-Feel or Fastidiousness alone are the right or wrong way. It is going to take a bit of both. Neither guarantees perfection. They are more a reflection of your own inherent nature, so roll with it!  And remember, if you need a hand, a listening ear, or a chat about the nature of white paint shades, we’ll be right here.