I’ve been pouring over plans with a number of people lately who feel like the layout of a particular room doesn’t work –like it just makes do… Its feels like a kitchen was designed around the rest of the house rather than the other way around. Or the shape of their living room doesn’t really suit the needs of their family. Have a look around your home. What area really works and flows well? And then where do you just make do?

It might be the kitchen, your bedroom, your storage spaces… or it could be the whole house no longer suits how you want to use your home.

Now I’m no architect, nor am I an interior designer, but I am passionate about GOOD DESIGN. Good design considers both form and function. With function being the most important consideration however, here must be balance, and any compromise must still be workable.

Here are 4 things to consider as you plan your new home layout – or how to adjust the space you already have…

  • What do you use all the time? – make it accessible and easy to keep tidy
  • Where do you need to spend most of your time? – put effort and funding into making this space enjoyable! If it’s the kitchen, use colours that inspire and set up your working quadrant that is easy to move through: prep, cook, clean
  • Where do you want to spend most of your time? – pay attention to ensuring this is your sanctuary – whether it is a quiet space or a busy zone, ensure that you pay extra attention to creating the right shape and feel through use of colour, light and soft furnishings
  • What do you LOVE? – Do you have a special vase or painting, perhaps its your favourite throw? Make a space for it and sacrifice less loved pieces if needed.

If you are in the planning stages of your home, you have a bit of a blank slate. This is the best time to get things right, visualize what you want in each room and how you would like it to feel. Don’t be afraid to whip out the tape measure or re-create spaces with tape on the floor to get a feel for how things will go together.

Nick & I want to ensure everyone has a good home building experience, and that starts with good design, so to help you out, we are giving away 3 of our Dreambook folders – full of useful information, handy hints, worksheets and organizer tabs to get you sorted! Just email your name, postal address and tell us your build project goals!  kylie@bosanacbuilder.co.nz or give us a call for a friendly chat about how we can help you achieve it – 09 236 8413