This is the Season beloved of the year…. Its a little brighter, a little warmer, a little more cheery. Do you feel it? Ever the idealist, I do… I have to work at it… but in my opinion, the magic of the season does not just happen…. Its something you have to create… its something you share, you spread around and keep alive as long as you can, cherishing each drop. (Totally the idealist huh)

Sometimes I think we are in the business of making magic happen. Sometimes, I think we forget that. But we make a living by taking ideas, notions, notes and drawings and turn them into standing, working, livable homes. Along the way we use some amazing trades. We always say to our clients that these are the people we would use to build our own homes This year, they proved that to be true.  As I shared this journey with you, you’ll know, the magic started as a notion, and through lots of effort, blood, sweat, tears, laughter, enjoyment and more, together, we transformed this notion into a wonderful showhome that we all could not be more proud of. Our opening was magic! So if you didn’t get a chance to pop down, please do, we’d love to show you around our new neck of the woods!

2018 has been the biggest, most difficult year yet for us as we have stretched and stumbled, grown and succeeded in meeting our goals. We have moved our office to our new showhome, completed some amazing homes and buildings for wonderful people in our community, grown our staff to help us better maintain our guiding principle of Building Beautiful Futures. Despite the ups and downs, its hard not to reflect on the magic of the moments that made up our year.

This is what we want for all our clients, and for you – bit of magic. And at this time especially, we wish you magic in this moment.  Make time for magic, to be Merry and Bright with those who matter most.

So, from the carpenters of Nick Bosanac Builders may we thank our tradies & clients, suppliers and supporters. We are truly grateful for your ongoing support. Without your trust in us, we simply could not do what we do. We are honored to know and serve you.

Merry Christmas!

The Nick Bosanac Builders Team | 027 458 3038 | 12 Jonah Lomu Drive, Paerata Rose