Last month’s article addressed the need to be informed and prepared properly for your project. Big or small, good preparation can make all the difference to how your building project runs and how your feel about the experience.

We find having one central place to store and categorize everything is a really key part of your preparation. When you combine your information, ideas, pictures and inspirations to create a useable resource, it acts as a guide for you to follow. It provides checks and balances and will ground you if the path becomes a little unclear like when your mother-in-law’s loud opinions have you doubting your choices.

There are a number of different options as to HOW you put this resource together. As an Xennial I like a blend of a hands on approach with some home-savvy apps to help me out.

For me, the tactile approach is really valuable. So we created a Dreambook folder with organizational tabs for each area of the home, each tab has clear-pockets for samples and pictures, pages for my notes, plus useful articles and magical pieces of advice I find in my travels.

Speaking of which, these are often found while perusing a magazine or catalogue, waiting for an appointment. Rather than trying to quietly tear out the page or sneaking the whole magazine into my purse without the doctors receptionist seeing, I simply snap a pic and put it on my Pinterest board.

Apps like Pinterest and Houzz let you upload and organize your own work or your findings into pinboards or ideabooks that you label as you like, as well as providing almost endless inspiration and advice from subscribers – both businesses creating these amazing spaces & consumers who recommend them. And they go with you everywhere your device does… Houzz lets you sketch on your pics to highlight, edit and notate to your hearts content.

You can even print your boards if you like and pop them in your folder for reference.

(#eyeroll #oldschool)

Nick & I are passionate about ensuring everyone has a good build experience, so we give our clients Dreambook folders – full of useful information, handy hints, worksheets and organiser tabs to get you sorted! 

WANT ONE? Come visit us in our offices and get yourself ORGANISED today!