Over the last few months we have noticed a growing trend for additions & renovations.

Whether it’s people wanting to up the value of their existing home with the soaring Auckland house prices or if it’s just the spring air, but there is definitely something going on!

One current complaint we hear is that your front door is not obvious, lack-luster or just blah.

If you are in the process of building – please put some time into ensuring your entry is a Welcome Zone, because as the rest of you will know, you don’t want to miss out on this crucial transition from the worried world, into the haven you call Home. As eyes are the windows to your soul, your front entry is the gateway to your heart. It’s the beginning of everything you hold dear.

If you currently suffer from an uninspiring, unobvious, uninviting entryway, here are some suggestions from a fellow sufferer.

  • Remodel the area to create your entry or move it to somewhere that is a more natural location for the entry to your home. It may mean replacing a window with a door, or it could mean moving some windows and walls. Just remember, if you are interfering with the structure of your home, you will need to go through council. This may seem a little dramatic, but if you are planning to be there long term, or looking to increase value, having an entry way that works well for your home will not only make you feel better, but potential buyers too.
  • Change the door itself! By replacing your door with one that has some extra style and character you instantly boost your home’s street appeal! There are some great options out there. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bespoke piece of art, but even a simple touch of paint can brighten up this often overlooked space.
  • Dress up your existing front door so it feels welcoming, and more obviously ‘the entry’! Use planters or urns to gate the doorway or an outdoor mat. If you have wall space, add a decorative sign or outdoor art. Even a seasonal wreath can do a lot to dress up this space – they aren’t just for Christmas, and easy to make.

Make sure inside the entrance to your home is equally as inviting, to conclude the transition from ‘out there’ and signify that you are home at last.

If you are stuck for inspiration, jump on our Pinterest page – we have a whole board devoted to entries! www.pinterest.com/bosanacbuilders/fix-my-front-porch/

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