Something really exciting happened last month! We moved Home! And by that, I mean we moved our office from Takanini back into PUKEKOHE! Yay!

Most of our clients, subcontractors and suppliers are Franklin locals, just like us! So it really does feel like coming home… And being upstairs on the main street we feel like we are right in the hub of the community and that brings us a newfound sense of excitement and pride in what we do and why we are doing it.

This is what you feel in your brand new home, new extension or shift furniture back into your newly renovated space. And, in a few years time as you look back on the experience those are the feelings you want to remember.

There are a few things that can impinge upon that occurrence. However, there are 3 ways in particular you can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Firstly, your Builder themselves. Check that they are a Licensed Building Practitioner. LBP’s, for sure short, must personally guarantee their workmanship for 10 years. Other tradesmen must be registered and make guarantees in their fields too.

Secondly, Insurance for the building works. If you are building a new home, your builder needs to take out Builders All Risk/ Contract Works insurance for your project. If you are renovating, or adding to your home, you will need to put the policy in place with the help of your insurance agent. This offers protection against fire, flood, theft, vandalism and natural disasters. These need to be in place prior to starting any work on site.

Thirdly, a third party building guarantee such as a Masterbuilders or Home First guarantee. It may seem like an overkill, but the purpose of a guarantee is to plug a hole that exists between LBP’s responsibilities & the building insurances, so that should reparations need to be made, you are protected.

The guarantee steps in and protects your deposit if something were to happen to your builder. Guarantees provide you surety that after trying to resolve things with your builder, if they can’t fulfil the obligations themselves, you will be able to finish your build, as well as cover any extra costs that may result from that. It also covers correction of defects in workmanship, materials and structure for up to 10 years.

And while business owners don’t like to think it, no one is sure that their business will be around for the next 10 years. If something does go wrong, and the business isn’t around anymore, you won’t be able to seek reparations.

With all your bases now covered you are well on your way to having that new home feeling greet you again and again for years to come.

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