Well, now that you have all seen the contents of my inner sanctum,  (refer to this months ‘What’s in your Handbag’ segment if you haven’t already – it was a hoot!), We want to officially say ‘Hello!’ and welcome to our Column!

Over the next year we will take you through some of the Ins and Outs of building homes in the hope that you will find inspiration, direction and motivation for your build project.

Nick has always been passionate about building so for him, inspiration is everywhere! Growing up in a family of carpenters and cabinetmakers, skilled in the ways of the old country (his family are from eastern Europe), he gained a keen eye for structure and spatial design. Even today we cannot go anywhere without him stopping and looking at structures, what they are made from, how they are made and how well they are made…

For me, it’s a passion for style. It’s such an individual thing – none of us are the same and around us trends are constantly morphing. WE are constantly morphing, as we experience life! We are privileged to live in a time and society where our selection is no longer pigeon holed to solely what the fashion monarchy dictate, but a vast array of styles that fit with our unique tastes, diverse cultures and functional needs, and they come from an unprecedented variety of sources.

We have a fabulous building firm with guys who are also passionate about the industry and keen to take on new challenges. I would say that the top three things our clients say the most about our team are:

  • The workmanship is great!
  • Every time we come to site, the guys are always happy and having a good time while they work!
  • Nothing is too much trouble!

Choosing the right builder for your project can make all the difference to your building experience!

Share with us what you think makes for a great builder an a great build experience on our facebook page this month and we will share some of your thoughts in our next column, where we take a closer look at what to look for when you need a builder.

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