Hi! And thank you for the responses to last months poll! And congratulations to our prize pack winner! We had asked the question: “What do you look for when comparing quotes from builders?”

People always say making sure the price is right, and that in the end, the best price wins the job! But what about value for money?

Our readers were impressed us with responses like:

  • A price that is not too high or low – we have found the low prices don’t always include everything
  • No hidden costs
  • Having sections that break down inclusions and exclusions
  • Get everything in writing

Definitely you need to know how much bang you are getting for your buck!

A great builder will work with you and your budget to include all of your ‘must haves’ list, and as many of your ‘nice to haves’ as possible.

Most banks ask for FIXED PRICE contracts before lending, so it’s really important to identify which is which. This will help you and your builder match expectation with budget, and get your selections correct from the start. Homes are usually our biggest investments – make sure you are getting what you really want.

Ensure products specified, like bathroom or kitchenware are to the style & finish you want. Look out for P.C. Sums or allowances. Ensure sufficient is allowed to cover your expectation of the quality or finish you want, or what is specified in the plans. And our suggestion is, that if anything you have discussed is not stated on the quote, ask the builder to confirm in writing that it’s included.

Just remember, when comparing quotes, if you can’t see apples for apples – ask them to alter how they have presented their quote so you can see which is offering you the most value.

It’s also important to check the quote for not so obvious aspects, like: who is responsible for what, are planning costs included, who submits to council, health & safety measures, landscaping, letterboxes & pathways. Also check what insurances are carried, any additional guarantees they offer or if they are affiliated with a building association as these may affect your decision about which contractor to select.

This month tell us what you think about Building Guarantees – Are they really worth the extra cost?

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