With the weather turning wintery, we are inside a lot more, and if you are like me, some things about your home start to bug us more than usual… If you are in the process of designing your home, you are hopefully ironing these issues out right now.

So I’m going to ask you to do something… Thinking about one room in your home, given unlimited imaginative resource, what would you do to change it?

Ok close your eyes for two minutes and… GO!

My guess is that most of you chose a room that either A) Just doesn’t work B) Is the heart and soul of your home or C) Both.

For me, that’s my Kitchen. It’s the heart AND the hub of our home. Food is our language of love. We all congregate there for meals, homework, family discussions, midnight snacks, mini-baking (it’s a thing!), mega-baking (gotta feed the troops somehow!), work talk, hugs, first aid and the rest! But it’s the wrong shape, too small and its powder blue.

We believe that your home should be functional, aesthetic and based on your tastes. It is the hub of your family, your unique sanctuary from the outside world. It also houses your aspirations for the future as well as the memories of how you became who you are now and as individual as your fingerprint. It’s the place where your heart resides.

So if there is a part of your home that just doesn’t fit, you will want to rework it so that it DOES. It could be a cosmetic refreshment – new pictures, curtains, furniture or colours. Or it could require renovation or creation of a new space.

Luckily when you need a hand, we are spoilt for choice here in Franklin! We have skilled interior designers, lovely stores for furniture and decorating as well as the inspirational homes being built in our fast growing community.

For Nick & I, we take the task of working on your home to heart to ensure that we recreate your dreams perfectly. We love creating the place where your future will take place. We too, have a wide range of resources to help you be inspired for your next project. Pop down to our new showroom / office in Takanini and see how we can help you bring your heart into your home.

31a Rangi Road, Takanini Monday – Friday 9am-2:30pm or by arrangement.

With all this talk of refreshing your look, lets talk next about what you can and cant do yourself these days, because the rules have changed. Let us know what build work you think you can still do at your place, or what you will need a pro to do!

And as I am a believer in “motivation”, there’s a prize up for grabs for one lucky reader! Tell us what you think, to be in to win!

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