We get it. It’s your home. Your future. Your investment.

It’s hours on Pinterest, Houzz & Archipro. Constant daydreams.

It’s saving & sacrificing

It’s being ready.

Ready for Different. Ready for Uniquely Yours.

Ready for Beautiful.

We get it – We’ve been there too.

We’re Ready – Are you?



4th Generation Builder meets Farm Girl Gone Glam.

That’s our Story in short form. 

Together we love building the homes where Your Story takes place. Moment after Happy Moment. Beautiful Homes, to set the scene for those moments.

With 18+ years of experience, we understand your story is unique. Your journey is special. Your dreams and inspirations are distinct.

So, Let’s Build Something Beautiful. Together.



>> Loves helping clients create their dream home

>> Auzzie but fits right in with our Kiwi team

>>  Adores her Fur Babies

>> Designer Handbag and Sunglasses enthusiast

>> Always knows the best places to eat out



>> Diggers & hammers are his fave tools

>> Loves to make the team laugh

>> Can Do Attitude

>> Building is in his bloodline

>> American, but we forgive that based on the above and his cooking skills 😉



>> Builds people, processes & passions

>> Endlessly inspired by good interior design

>> Loves Ellie Cashman wallpaper & fabrics

>> Plans awesome family adventures

>> Major foodie – specifically desserts



>> Loves (and is awesome at) organisation

>> Finds the positives in any situation

>> Music lover with exceptional recommendations

>> Has a little bit of a green thumb

>> Appreciates a good coffee



>> Keen to embrace new building technology

>> Keeps onsite Tunes on point

>> Big soft spot for his Canine Crew

>> Outdoorsy type at work & home

>> Competition brings out his best side


>> Shines during Frame Ups & Cladding installs

>> Insists on Tidy Job Sites

 >> A real team player, at work and on the Rugby Field

>> Loves a good BBQ

>> Has a super cute family!


Building your dream home isn’t something you do every day.

Neither is getting a mortgage.

As your build partner we offer Beautiful homes and a beautiful experience. So we feel funding your build should be just as beautiful.

While we are happy to work with your chosen lender, we trust NZHL a preferred financial partner.

They offer real peace of mind, now and for your future.

Here’s How:

  • Mortgages backed by Sovereign
  • Bridging Finance
  • Insurance and Kiwisaver
  • DebtNav, so you can pay off your new home faster and still have a life!

Financial Freedom. Faster.

Email: pukekohe@nzhl.co.nz

Phone: 09 237 3028

NewBuild is a specialist new home loan provider.

The first step in an important journey is to understand what your build budget looks like.

They make building a home easier, simpler and safer.

By specialising in construction finance, they approach the approval process & construction management differently and offer:




With highly experienced advisors, you can rest easy knowing risks are managed and mitigated right from the start!

Here’s How:

  • Robust pre-approvals to help you secure the land & build your new home
  • Mortgages: Go Home Loan by ASB (via mortgage advisor network)
  • Bridging finance
  • Lower deposits than existing home purchases
  • No interest repayments during the construction phase (T&C’s apply)

To understand what you may qualify for, use our pre-qualifying calculator. Link Below!

Email: karen.phillips@newbuild.co.nz

Phone: 0800 639 284

FSP 109184


Q. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST, WHATS YOUR M2 RATE? - Let's talk about your budget

A. M2 Rates are not a great indicator of value for money. No two homes are the same, so their shape, size, inclusions, and rates will be different too!

From First Home to Luxury Dream Home, you will have a budget in mind for what you are comfortable investing in your new home.

We work with you to create a stunning fit-for-purpose home within the price guidance you give us. Once we are clear on the numbers, we work everything else to meet that!

Q. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? - You've got a timeline you're working towards

A. Your home will be as unique as you make it! And that can take time to get right!

We won’t rush you through the design and selection stage – we’ll match your pace, so you are confident in your decisions! When it comes to the build, the size and complexity of the project have the most impact on the length of the build. Our clients average 8-11 months for lifestyle homes and longer for larger or complex builds.

We’ll discuss & confirm the actual build schedule prior to breaking ground.

Q. WHO DEALS WITH THE ARCHITECT, COUNCIL & SUPPLIERS? - You're worried that this process is complex

A. More than just a builder, we are a start-to-end building services firm. So we’re here to manage the whole process. By involving us early in your planning, you can be assured everything will be aligned to meet your design inspiration & budget investment expectations. This saves you stress, headaches, time, and money.

We’ll use our trusted trade partners on the practical aspects of your home.

And you’ll see it come to life through our online client portal, scheduled walk-through appointments, and design check-ins before your beautiful new home is ready for you to move in!

Q. DO YOU HAVE STANDARD PLANS? - Let's talk about a home that fits your site and family perfectly

A. As a Custom Home Builder, we are anything but STANDARD.

We love working with you to create your ideal home. We’ll work together with our designer to maximise what matters most to you. We’ll consider the best shapes & site positioning to capture sunlight, views & how you like to live in your home!

If you are looking for inspiration, we are happy to share what has worked for our other clients, but you can trust that your home will be as unique as you!

Q. DO YOU HAVE STANDARD INCLUSIONS? - What about a look that inspires you

A. We have a range of products, fixtures, and fittings that we regularly find our clients like to use. We use these as a guide for initial estimates only. This is YOUR home, so when it comes to the final, selections we are led by YOU.

Our interior designer will work with you to formulate and procure the right products at the right price for your new home. You’ll love the results!

Q. DO YOU ONLY BUILD NEW HOMES? - You love where you live, but need to tweak HOW you live

A. We have great solutions you love where you live, but it’s no longer fit for purpose, let’s discuss what would be best for your situation. This might be a renovation, an addition, a knock-down & rebuild, or a subdivision of your property.

If you are not sure what would work best, we’d love to hear what you are thinking, then meet you onsite to walk through your options together!

Q. CAN I BRING MY OWN PLANS? - You're already working with an architect


The earlier you involve your build partner in the planning, the better for all parties! Our experience tells us that architects are great at creating plans, but don’t often have a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved in bringing them to life. We work together to ensure that it fits the budget you have in mind for your new home. Sometimes even small tweaks to a design & detail can have a big cost saving, without compromising your vision for your home!


A. As Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP’s) we personally guarantee our workmanship for 10 years with a 12-month initial defect repair period of 12 months, starting from the date the building work is complete. Our LBP suppliers & licensed other professional services offer the same!

In addition to this, we carry comprehensive PLL & Contract works insurance, we offer our clients the 10-year Master Builders Guarantee. We only use products & suppliers that back themselves up with great warranties too! If you’d like more info on what these are, ask for our Disclosure Statement

Q. DO YOU OFFER FINANCE? OR TURNKEY SOLUTIONS? - Let's get your finance sorted

A. While we don’t offer an in-house finance solution we work with some amazing financial advisors that will assist you with funding your new home!

Our preferred suppliers can be found here: ________ link to the finance partners section_____________

They offer solutions that include both traditional build finance, as well as turnkey and bridging solutions!


A. In response to the rapidly changing world around us, we’re seeing more frequent, higher percentage increases than we otherwise have.

These are sometimes out of our ability to reasonably and/or responsibly account for in our quoting. We do our best to lock in supplier pricing early. Where we cannot, we will need to adjust the contract value to account for these items or include additional contingency to cover what may happen during your build. Your mortgage advisor will provide feedback on what is right for your situation.

Q. WHAT AREAS OF THE HOME SHOULD I SPEND MORE MONEY ON? - Want to know our Bang for Buck tips?

A. When it comes to your dream home, we always say spend a little more where you want to spend more time. For instance, if you love family dinners, spend a little more making your kitchen & dining areas somewhere special. If designer shoes are your thing, let’s create an amazing space to show off & protect your investment pieces!

For new homes we focus on getting the structure and spaces right, then the products to dress it with. It’s much easier and budget-friendly to spend now on what will cost the most down track to update. For instance, adding a few m2 more at new build stage will always cost less than adding it in the future, just so you can get your designer oven.

As far as re-sale or renovating tips are concerned, there are 3 key areas where value & home comfort levels are most frequently addressed. These are: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Master Bedrooms – all else is forgivable or fixable down the track.