Our Story

Our story started long before our time, when life was a little simpler but dreams were just as big. You see, Nick’s Great, Great Grandfather was a carpenter in a bustling European town, with centuries of inspirational architecture and craftsmanship all around him. With a passion for what he could do with his hands, he packed his young family up with hope is in heart and set sail for their chance to share in the ‘American Dream’. Settling just outside of Detroit Michigan, he used his skills to help shape this city into the icon it became in its heyday. Not in any one grand gesture, but in many small skilled tokens of his workmanship. His love for his craft inspired 4 generations of builders who share that same passion. A Passion which travelled across continents too, from Serbia to the US and then 14 years ago, to New Zealand, Godzone, the place I keep coming back to, regardless of how far and wide I’ve travelled. You see for us, these stories carry our legacies. For Nick and I, it’s building on that love for craftsmanship and creating spaces where you, can carry on the legacies of your family. We’re building beautiful homes where you can build your own beautiful future.

From our family to yours

Xx Nick & Kylie

The Boss – Nick Bosanac

Nick has a natural flair for building and problem solving onsite. In fact, he is often heard offering solutions loudly in his sleep, trolling home improvement shows and researching new products.

Here’s 3 things you should know about him:

  • He’s got a wicked sense of humour, it gets him into and out of all kinds of situations!
  • He loves big loud engines – usually bikes and classic cars
  • He’s an avid supporter of our boys’ rugby team! Go Karaka Red!

The Real Boss – Kylie Bosanac

Naturally a nurturer, Kylie leads from beside, working with clients as they develop their dream homes and then connects the dots that join the plan with the outcome.

About Kylie

  • Kylie likes to be busy. So she fills her time with work stuff, mom stuff and PTA stuff. Its like she thrives on stress adrenaline or something.
  • She is crazy good at making (and eating) desserts…
  • An American pick up truck fan, her dream car is the F250 Tonka Concept Truck. In Tonka Yellow.

Office Ninja - The Samantha Lockhart

Sam is the head of Admin Patrol ensuring smooth handling of our AP & AR functions as well as HR Managing Nick into telling her the goss on the Jobsite

About Samantha

  • Twin mamma, Sam also plays Uber driver for afterschool activities!
  • Winter is NOT her favourite. Thank goodness she’s an Aucklander now and can enjoy longer, warmer summers!
  • G&T’s are where its at while she’s soaking up all the Auckland sun (and the Auckland ‘liquid’ sunshine too)

Jobsite Jedi Master - Shaun Spillane

Since the start of his apprenticeship with us, Shaun has proven his ability as a great builder and leader. Now, as a mentor to the young fullas he is patient and attentive to ensure they get it right, driving great results each step of the way!

About Shaun

  • When Shaun started with us we already had a Shaun, so we nicknamed him Hunter in honour of his previous trade
  • He also loves fishing – he’s reeled in the catch of his life too – had to give her a diamond ring and everything! Congrats!
  • He’s a neat freak on site – with building is in his blood, so he knows what a difference it makes!

Jobsite Jedi Master - Nick Burley

Methodical in his approach, “Jr” as we know him, is a chip of the ol’ block when it comes to working through the tasks at hand. Determined to succeed in all aspects of life, he guides progress onsite with care and charm, a contagious characteristic his team strives for.

About Nick

  • Nick embodies our company value of Work Hard - Play Hard.
  • When we manage to pry him away from his tools he’s into water sports and social rugby
  • He is WAY more of a neat freak than Hunter (Shhhhh...)

The Tool Belt Gang – The Guys

Our Crew have a strong culture of team spirit and attention to detail. In tradie terms this equates to “Giving a S#@t”. This is all we ask of them - to care about their workmanship, the clients needs, their teammates and their tools.

About The Guys

  • Friday afternoons are for vehicle care and zero % beer
  • Don’t cross them on the paintball field – even in full PPE – learned that the hard way at our last ‘team building’ activity
  • If they were in any other career they’d be comedians or Idol contestants

Our Guarantee

We are:



Nick Bosanac Builders are committed to providing a comprehensive and personalized building experience for you and your family. We are an independent firm, so we don’t have set plans. style or design features you must stick to. We have easy to use resources, a can do attitude and great project management.

We build your home, just the way you want it.

Quality Builders:

Quality the key to your satisfaction and to our business. We are constantly developing and perfecting our craft. We pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship and a quality experience from our first interaction to the final nail. We demand the same high standard from each of the sub-trades we entrust to add their expertise in building your home also.

We believe if it’s not good enough for our home, there is no way it’s good enough for yours.


Our team are qualified Licensed Building Practitioners and award winning apprentices. We believe strongly that Building Beautiful Futures also applies to our team. Passing on sound trade skills and knowledge ensures a rising generation of competent, conscientious workforce who understand the important role we play for our clients and growing economy.

Because of this belief, we belong to the NZ Master Builders Association offering both Master Builder & an independent Home First guarantees on each home we build.

For Extra Peace of Mind

We are Heritage Homes Licensed, LBP & Master Builders

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