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Your new bespoke home is more than a statement - it’s a reflection of you and your family. From the beautiful face on the street to the luxurious custom interior, build for your new lifestyle.

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Building your home becomes a joy-filled experience

Our Approach

We understand what your project means for you, from the significant financial investment to the many hours of dreaming, planning, worrying, and gushing over your prospective new home. It’s the next phase of your life and the foundation for your family’s growth and well-being. But it’s also an incredible reflection of your character - inside and out.

That’s why we treat every build as though it were our own home and bring the wealth of experience we’ve gained over 18 years of building bespoke homes in and around Karaka. We make our process as flexible and adaptive as we can to create your home according to your vision without breaking your budget.

For a successful bespoke build, we believe that collaboration is key. We’re sure to build a robust relationship of trust and truly understand your motivations, dreams and expectations. From our first time meeting to well beyond the handover, we strive to make your project a smooth, stress-free experience so that you can truly enjoy seeing your vision come to life.

Why Build With Bosanac?
Your vision reflects who you are, so we first build understanding and trust. Collaboration is pivotal - we’re your partner before, throughout and after your build.
Positive experience
We don’t stop at “good enough”. We go the extra mile to make the entire process a satisfying, stress-free build so we can enjoy your enthusiasm for creation.
Bespoke Specialists
We welcome different with open arms, finding practical solutions and optimising your design to create a unique home.
Meticulous Craft
Small details are the foundation for large impacts. We spend the time to ensure that every little detail is in order so we can create the effect you desire.
As bespoke building experts, we strive to be flexible with your design to meet your vision within your budget.
Frequently asked questions
Why build bespoke over a potentially cheaper pre-designed standard plan?
A bespoke home won’t necessarily be more costly than a similarly-sized standard home and can often be cheaper. There are many benefits to building custom - for one, you have the total freedom to design your future living space to perfectly meet your and your family’s needs, which gives you control over the budget.

A custom home allows you to express your unique character and create a better environment to grow and thrive.
Who will be involved in my project?
For the vast majority of your project, it will be the friendly Bosanac team that is primarily involved in your project. We manage your entire process with you, giving you a one-point contact for every small detail or external interaction, and we collaborate with you on everything from design to challenges, alterations, inclusions, and solutions.

On-site, we use our trusted - and fully vetted - local trade partners so you can be sure that every single person who sets foot on your property only has the success of your project in mind.
How long does it usually take for you to build a custom house?
Deciding timelines for projects, especially on custom homes, is a delicate process that we’ve got a keen eye for. However, it takes a great deal of information to accurately estimate, like the scope of the design and availability of materials. We take the time to get your project absolutely right. We match your pace to give you ample time to make the right selections but move quickly enough to meet your expectations.Our clients average 8-11 months for lifestyle homes and longer for larger or more complex builds.
When should I be talking to a builder? What if I already have plans?
We begin working with clients who are in many different stages of their journey. Already having plans in hand is no problem at all, though we recommend consulting a builder as early as possible because we can add value and smooth out your process from very early in the project. In our experience, architects are great at creating impressive plans, but your builder will have a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved in bringing them to life.

Speak to us early, and we can begin collaborating and finding the path to your perfect bespoke home while remaining within your budget.

Black & Natural Pine

Set atop a steep and winding ridge-line with views of the mighty Waikato river foreshadowing the wild & unpredictable character of life. This home, by contrast, offers beauty & tranquility amidst the chaos, providing rest and relief from the winds of family & corporate career demands.

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